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Ciao Miau is where sustainability and adventure meet in fashion. Our brand represents a commitment to conscious living and freestyle excitement, with the belief that nature deserves respect and care. Ciao Miau aims to make a positive impact. More than a fashion brand, we are a lifestyle promoting sustainable living and adventure.


Over the last year, Ciao Miau, with its passionate team, has established itself in sustainable fashion. We passionately seek unique, eco-friendly materials, crafting extraordinary and functional clothing, including products crafted from 100% cotton or recycled materials.


For us, it's about nurturing a space where stories of breathtaking adventures are shared, where experiences are bonded over, and where every purchase helps to give back.

Our Story

At Ciao Miau, our story begins in the vibrant streets of Zürich, Switzerland, with a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and a passion for adventure. Realizing the need for change, we embarked on a mission that goes beyond fashion, focusing on a lifestyle of sustainable living and the spirit of adventure. Ciao Miau, driven by a desire to make a difference in sustainable fashion, has assembled a dedicated team committed to creating and testing eco-friendly clothing.

Our shared passion for sports like skating, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and diving drives our brand. Nature is our endless source of inspiration, reflecting in our collections. So, every stitch of our comfy apparel tells a story of commitment - to you and the planet.

Ciao Miau is not just about fashion; it's a movement to share adventures, connect through experiences, and contribute to a better world with every purchase. Wear your adventures!

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